5 Best Types of Wall-to-Wall Carpets for Floor Covering

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Installing wall-to-wall carpets is a fantastic method for transforming any room. Choosing the right carpet isn’t always an easy task. They should be chosen to bring the required warmth and comfort to your home. If you’re curious about the best options for wall to wall carpeting, keep reading!

Different Types of Wall to Wall Carpets

luxury wall to wall carpets

Wall-to-wall carpet is designed to completely cover a whole room rather than being placed in some parts. This is what gives wall to wall carpets its signature seamless appearance. While some of these carpets are made to adhere directly to subfloors, with the subfloor serving as the backing. You can choose different types of wall-to-wall carpet to achieve the unique floor look. Here are the best living room carpets for covering a whole interior:

Cut Pile Carpets

cut pile wall to wall carpets

Carpets with a cut pile are made with shorter fibers and may be found in a wide range of colors and designs. They are luxurious, long-lasting, and lasting carpets. With a cut pile carpet, the ends of the carpet fibers are snipped, leaving a velvety surface. They include a soft or textured design to offer versatility in our collection.

Loop Pile Carpets

loop pile wall to wall carpets

Loop pile carpets, as its name implies, are made up of uncut loops of carpet fibers. This look produces a textured surface that is suitable for heavy foot traffic. You will see the lasting performance of loop pile wall to wall carpets. Wool or silk is commonly used in the production of these carpets, giving them a luxuriously smooth feel. The carpet’s loops give it a more elegant appearance than flat carpeting because of its depth.

Saxony Carpets

wall to wall carpets for home

A Saxony carpet has a thick and uniform look like carpet tiles. The rich texture makes it ideal for classy events. Common materials for Saxony-style carpets include silk, wool, and nylon. They are versatile, suiting in any room, and easy to care for. These wall to wall carpets are a great and affordable solution for homes and offices.

Frieze Carpets

frieze wall to wall carpets

The formal and textural look of a frieze carpet comes from its densely twisted pile. Frieze carpets are often made of wool. Because of their durability and elegance, they are frequently utilized in formal living spaces. Though costly, Frieze carpets are the finest option if you want a stylish floor covering that will last for decades.

Woven Carpets

woven wall to wall carpets

Woven carpets can be made from various materials, from wool to nylon and synthetic blends. They’re more expensive than others as they require more time and effort in manufacturing. Woven wall-to-wall carpet installation is commonly seen in luxurious homes, hotels, and companies where durability and modern looks are the concerns.


Installing wall to wall carpets can improve both the comfort and appearance of your living space. Every type of carpet material provides its unique benefits. You need to choose the right carpet wisely for your house. Pick the one that appeals most to your taste and is made of the finest quality materials, ensuring lasting comfort at your place.

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